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By Bud Loomis

Fritzherbert Leathers lived on the place that was later Paul Mohr's. Leathers and Higley got to be enemies.

A man by the name of Bosley made a clearing, had a house and planted a potato patch. Mrs. Kestner was holding down their claim all alone, just in a one-room cabin. Bosley came along in the evening and asked if he could stay over night. She made him a bed on the floor. In the night he got up and wanted to get in bed with her. She told him "No." He tried it again, and she went and got the rifle and said if he bothered her again she'd blow his brains out.

When Leather heard of it, he wanted to run Bosley out. So, when he wasn't home he went and dug Bosley's potoatoes. Took them and heeled them in. He wanted me to come and get the potatoes, but I wouldn't.

A. V. Higley took the matter up. And, about that time somebody burned Bosley's cabin. they jangled about that for a while. Then Higley got appointed Deputy Sheriff and arrested Leathers and took him out. I used to stay with Leathers some nights. I was afraid he and Higley would kill each other. Leathers was an athlete, though a journalist. He made a dummy out of gunnysacks and hay and would stand there and box that thing for hours at a time, training to lick Higley.

Higley was larger and stronger. He used to run a couple hundred feet to the river and jump in naked and swim across.

However, the two never came to blows.