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By Bud Loomis

It was winter time and I was down to the store talking to some of the boys, Rob Locke, Orte Higley, Clark Peeler, and Neil McCarthy. We decided to go hunting. We lived ten miles up the river from the Lake. Three of them walked along the bank and Clark and I took the boat. We had all the grub, axes, and camping equipment. We expected to stay three or four days, or perhaps a week.

While we were getting ready to start, Phil Locke and McCloud came along and started out just ahead of us. We had a certain place where we used to camp. We had felled some trees there so we could have some dry wood. We had even planted some potatoes in the spring and thought we would have some to eat. We wanted to camp there, but were afraid those fellows would get there first and camp.

As we were going up river, we came to a tree across that had falled in off the bank with the branches and limbs down in the water. It looked as if we might have to unload to get over it. There were about twelve to fourteen inches between the tree and the water at the butt end, and I thought we might get through underneath.

When we got there I saw that the nose of the canoe was about a foot too high to go under. It had a high bow. So, I told Clark Peeler to put his pole under the log right over the nose of the boat and we would try to shove it through. he tried it, but it wouldn't go. So, I walked up close to the front to make it light behind, and we finally made it start under. We got stuck there and the water was coming in on both sides until the canoe filled with water and sank, and went down river. We had not gone far until it turned bottom side up.

There was a dam across the river and we floated bottom side up and went down the riffle. I got on a good-sized log and held it there until Clark came, and we saved the boat. We went down to the jam, picked up the paddles and poles and one or two bags that floated but almost no grub. We had lost our two guns. The fellows that walked had theirs, but we had most of the ammunition, and the little grub we saved was all wet. They had gone on ahead of us, so we decided to go on up anyway. We had to tell them what had happened. When we got there they were waiting for us. We had to keep a fire that night to keep warm.