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Both canoes filled with water. We got up on top of the hay and put a mark on it to see if it was going down fast.

We didn't holler. There was no one to holler to, we thought. Besides, I didn't think it would go clear down far enough to drown us. But, George got scared and hollered "Help ! Help ! Help !". By that time we had drifted out into the Lake too far to swim back. George hollered enough to get Frank Ziegler. He had a little canoe, so he came out and got us. We got some more canoes and hitched onto the hay and towed it on over to where we wanted it. We laid it out on the bank and dried it. Ingram didn't complain about its being wet. What he didn't feed wet, he dried later.

When asked if he knew an early day freighter by the name of Julius Cole, Bud said, "No, but I had an Indian girl once by the name of Julia Cole."

Clark Peeler and I used to freight on the Quinault River. Men didn't like to stop at an Indian house. But if you could get into an Indian camp, you could do your cooking there. I usually made it to an Indian shack by running an hour or so longer.

Clark and I would go there and stay, and next morning the Indians would get up before we did. I would call Julia over and say, "Cook breakfast for us" and she would do it. Of course, she cooked it out of our supplies - bacon, hot cakes, etc. White man's food. She was clean, too. I called her my Indian girl.

One day I recieved a letter. It was addressed to "B. Goomis". It was almost impossible to read it, but it was signed, "Julia". After I had had it for some time, I showed it to Ida Locke one day. She read it so fluently that I figured she wrote it for a joke.

Bud, who loved to get a joke on someone, tells this one on himself:

My neighbors had been losing chickens. About two in the morning I heard a noise around the chicken yard. I jumped out of bed with nothing on but a night shirt, grabbed my double-barreled shotgun and ran out, the dog following. I was stooping down to investigate something when the dog crawled under me from behind. I let loose with both barrels and killed some of my chickens.