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I once brought my two sisters up the river. Met them in Hoquiam, went around to Taholah and came up the Quinault River. It was raining nearly all the time while I poled the canoe. We slept under trees two nights, using spruce boughs for beds. It was a miserable trip.

In the winters, there were often freshets that inundated parts of Thompson Isalnd at Quinault that the cattle used to run on. It was about a mile long. Once, while I made a trip to town, we got a freshet that raised the lake twenty-five or thirty feet and covered the island so that eleven head of cattle drowned. That was about half my herd.

Later, we had accumulated about thiry-five to forty head of cattle. My sister Lucretia Junk, who lived in Olympia, wanted my father and mother to come out and live with her a while. They had really decided to do it. She fixed them up a nice home there. They left me at the Lake to batch, but I came out to Humptulips and dickered with Fred Williams for the store. Gave him the cattle for the store and contents.

Then, I came back and drove twenty-five or thirty pigs over the trail to Humptulips. I had a hard time getting them started, but I was doing all right until I met the mail carrier with a yellow slicker over his pack horse. The trail was narrow and the pigs took to the woods.

We stopped and talked a few minutes, then I sat down to wait for the pigs to come back. But, they didn't. Finally I got all of them but one into the trail. But, they insisted on starting back toward Quinault instead of toward Humptulips. I couldn't get by them to head them off. Every time I ran, so did they. I was afraid they would all go clear back to the farm.

Finally, I got the dog to help me. He would grasp one of them by the cheek while I crowded past him, then he would catch the next one and hold him until I got past. By the time I got in front of them they were all played out, and so was I. When I got them started in the right direction, I was one pig short. Suddenly as we came down a long hill, out ran the missing pig and joined us.

When Father and Mother heard that I had bought out Williams, they thought they had to come back to keep house for me at Humptulips and help run the store.