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Louis, Jr. describes the trip:

"We came on a small steam mail-boat, steerage. It took us three weeks on the ocean and two weeks to cross the United States. We came by rail to Monte, then by Harbor Queen to Hoquiam. From New London to Humptulips we rode with the mail carrier over puncheon road - partly on the Carlisle Logging Co. road. Mother walked from Humptulips to Quinault. Since I was not quite seven, I rode a mule.

At Humptulips, Mother was forced to abandon her trunk which she had brought all the way from Austria. It was eighteen years before she brought it to Quinault. My Dad and Uncle Joe Haas were the first to take a wagon and ox-team over the road from Humptulips. It took two days. They had to unload and dismantle the wagons several times, re-assemble them, and load again.

Dad came out to work in logging camps around Hoquiam during the first few winters. The wages were $40 per month with board, for a ten-hour day, six days a week. Mother and I stayed on the claim alone. William Moore, a big, fat fellow, for whom Moore Mountain is named, came over and taught Mother to read and write English. She taught me German. We spent a lot of time on our books. As soon as Dad had raised two or three three-year-olds to sell, he never worked away from home again.

Living was cheap those days. We had a cow and the grass was so lush that she ate so much we had to milk her three times a day. Such rich cream on the pan ! Mother had a little room where she kept the milk. For several nights there had been a lot of noise in that room that disturbed us. MOther called it our ghost. One night Mother had me hold the light, she grabbed the broom, and we went in there to see what was going on. She saw a wood-rat, sitting overhead, whacked at him with the broom handle and knocked him dead. he dropped down into a big pan of milk and cream.

Mother and I had a Shepard dog, black and brown. He was barking in the middle of the night. Kept on barking and barking. Mother said, "Must be something out there." We opened the door and had the lamp right beside it. Parks Creek went right across to the back of the house. There was a big cedar stump near the house. "Look at those big eyes", Mother said. "Wait ! Hold the door open, and you hold the lamp." Then she decided we better go to the side porch, so we shut the door. The dog was just launching.?????????????????????? As soon as the door shut he let out a yell of terror. But, he made it into his box and escaped. Next day, a man came to deliver a sack of sugar. "Gosh", he said, "Those are the biggest cougar tracks, I ever saw."