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We stayed there the next day, then got the Indians to go with us. Most of the luggage was trunks and boxes. We piled these on the bank and an Indian hauled them down to Oyehut.

It had been raining so long, and the river was so high, that we were twenty days getting back - nearly a month going both ways. And we had no pay for it. The only way we could travel the river was to pull the boat along the side by pulling on brush. Sometimes we made only a mile a day. We could still see our last night's campsite. We even stayed the same place two nights.

McCarthy nearly went bugs. He would get up at four or five in the morning in the dark and get breakfast. Then he'd get me up. He was so anxious to get started. After breakfast, if we couldn't travel, I'd go back to bed and he would walk up and down the river bank until noon. He couldn't stand inactivity. If he had owned a compass he would have cut through the woods for home.

Our folks hadn't heard a word from us in nearly a month. They figured probably we had all drowned. About a half day before we got home when the water got down low enough, little Arthur, and Indian, got his boat out and made it up to the Lake to tell our folks what he could. He couldn't talk much English. When he tried to talk he said."Didn't you hear about it?" My mother grabbed him around the shoulders and shook him and cried, "What happened ? What happened?". He was so excited he couldn't think of any English, but managed to make her understand that we had capsized but were all alive. Finally she asked him, "What did Bud do?" He said, "He just laughed." Then she knew it couldn't be too bad. That evening we got home.

J. A. INGRAM - 1891

Arthur Ingram was born in Pennsylvania in 1826. Anna Morton was born in Pennsylvania and they were married there. Had four boys and two girls. Mother died when I was three months old.

James Albert Ingram was born May 14, 1869, in Topeka, Kansas, where my parents moved about 1858. My father bought a farm where most of the children were born. After my mother's death my father kept a housekeeper and the children were raised together. I went to school in Kansas and later to business college at Lawrence, Kansas.