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William Pruce was born in Glostershire, England, in the year 1809. He was a showmaker by trade. Charlotte Trueman was born in 1829. They were married in Glostershire and remained there until 1866. To this union thirteen children were born, all living to maturity. There were seven boys and six girls:

William, Jr. - born 1848
Geogre - 1849
Edwin - 1851
Frederic - 1852
Albert - 1855
John - 1857
Anna - 1858
Harriet - 1861
Ellen - 1863
Emma - (myself) 1865

In 1866, my parents and we ten children came to America, making the trip by sailboat, taking six weeks in crossing. Settled on a farm in Monroe County, New York. There Frank was born - 1868; Minnie - 1871; Charlotte - 1874.

My brothers, Albert and Jack, came to Hoquiam, Wash. in 1887. They worked for the Northwest Lumber Co., Albert being barn boss, and Jack gardner for Mr. Emerson, owner of the mill.

They went to Lake Quinault about 1889, settling on homesteads, living there for years before the land was surveyed. Albert continued to work in Hoquiam to earn the money for Jack to live on, while Jack stayed on the claims to hold and improve them. As soon as they could, Albert also went to the homestead and remained there permanently.

William, Jr., the oldest brother, came West in 1909 and lived with Albert and Jack for a time. But, being of a roving nature, he did not remain long, leaving in 1915. He has never been heard of since.

Jack died very suddenly of apoplexy, June 17, 1917. My husband and I and our son and daughter-in-law, had gone to pay them a visit. Jack met us at the river to row us across. There being so many in the group, he made two trips and the exertion was evidently too much. We had been in the house a few minutes when he complained of a pain in his side. I put him to bed and applied aid, but in a few minutes he had passed away. My brother Frank then came West to live with Albert on the homestead.