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Among the first to arrive will be recalled:

John and Albert Purce
A. T. Wright
Laurence Slover; that fine little Pennsylvania Dutchman, who, for so long carried the settlers mail by pack-train
Frank Ziegler
John Olson, with his whopping big family
the Hultins family
the Perersons, Dan, Jim, and Frank
John Cogan and his family
Angus Beaton
B. T. Loomis
J. D. Knox and family
Ike Loomis
N. T. Loomis - "Bud"
Frank O'Donnel, the old Plainsman who scouted with Buffalo Bill
Neal McCarthy, from the banks of New Foundland
Tom Stamy, the buffalo hunter
Tom White, not of Katala, Alaska
Jack Crumback, frontiersman, and with the Canadians against Louis Riel, in Riel's Rebellion
John P. Aaker and his cousin, Okker
Harry Huggins
A. H. Bosley
and his partner William Moore, for whom is named the Moore Moutain in the middle of Quinault Valley
Then there was the lad direct from England, Fitzherbert Leather
Col. Billy Harlow, "cu, cu, why Dammit"
the Old Soldier Howe
and his partner, Harry Lee, who was drowned in the Upper Quinault
A. H. Bunner
Finley Gillette
Jim Kelly, who was always afraid that "they will take us to the bad lands, and do us up"
Alexander Underwood, Veteran of the Mexican War
the Newnham family at Cook Creek
Webster, who was drowned in the Upper Quinault and never found
Merriman, for whom was named Merriman Falls
George Wolley Bell
'Oh by the way' - the Pealer Brothers, Clark and Tom
Joe Norwood - brother-in-law of Jack Ewell
John A. Fairbairn
J. H. Locke
C. H. Gatton
John Sinclair
J. A. Ingram
Angus McCloud
and Jacob Everly - Everly was the man who wanted a blackberry patch, so he made himself one in short order, and this is now knows as the "Burn" or Neilton, and consists of some thousands of acres. This was not an unmixed evil, for it gave a place for a homestead to E. E. Fishel who had served you well.

Among the ladies were:

Mrs. Slover
Mrs. Wright - I almost overlooked the first death and burial of the father of Mrs. Wright, A. Colegrove, who had a claim on what is now the Voorhies place on Ziegler Creek and who is buried there.
Then there was Mrs. Joe Norwood, mother of the first white child born at Quinault - Jodine Norwood
Mrs. Jack Ewell
Mrs. Webster
Mrs. Wilson, who was one of the few women to "hold down" her own claim
Mother Olson
Mrs. Jim Peterson
Mrs. Dan Peterson
Mother Loomis
Mrs. J. D. Knox
Miss Ida Locke
Miss Ella Fairbairn, who is now Mrs. Orte Higley
Miss Bertha Gatton
Mrs. John Fairbairn
Mrs. Frank Ziegler

and last, but not least, Mrs. Anton Kestner, who was the first white woman settler (I believe). Between the time of chopping down the brush and shooting cougars, she managed to raise a fine family, while her husband worked in the camps to earn the "dough" to buy the flour and sugar.