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Carl McNutt married Beatrice Best, in 1926. They had no children. Carl died in middle life.

In 1927 Flyod, better known as "Babe", married Helen Meurling, a nurse. For years she was Head Nurse at the Community Hospital, in Aberdeen. They have one son, Larry, who is married and living in Oregon.

Grace McNutt lists the following settlers in the Promised Land:
Abe McAfee
DeWitt Boyd
Geo. Clinton
Three Kendrick Sisters
Will Kendrick
Three Scholtze Brothers
Tom Jensen
Tom McDonald
The Dunnings
George Huntley
Mrs. Reed
Geo. Carroll
Ralph Hawkins
Robert and Albert Hess
Elzy White
Tom Newnham
Geo. Scruby
John McCamat
Jake Andrews
Johnny Scruby
Of Tom McDonald she relates that he had a claim on Stevens Creek with a big stand of spruce, but foolishly sold it for $200.00.

John McCamat, Jerry Walker, and Jim Newbury split the puncheon for the Humptulips to Axford road in October, 1892.


Some twenty miles north of the Humptulips settlement lay the valley of the Quinault with its moss draped forest and its breath-taking blue lake, five miles by three, ringed about by heavily forested mountains.

In 1888, while the Humptulips Valley was being settled mostly overland from the south, Alfred Noyes came up the Quinalut River with the Indians, built himself a cabin (on what is now the Robert Locke place) and spent the winter of 1888-89 trapping. He was the first white settler.