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He looked and replied, "That isn't a man. It's a cougar sitting there fishing."

He took the gun and went around the house, but he wasn't sure the gun would carry that far. So he walked down toward the marsh. Thereupon the cougar got up, stretched one leg then the other, like a cat, and went off into the marsh. A day or two later I looked out and there was Mr. Cougar again. I got the gun and went around the house. But I didn't even shoot at him. I was afraid I might wound him and he might get me or my baby.

In haying time, Mr. Evans wanted Lyman to help him. I said he could not go, as I was afraid to stay alone. "Bring her along", Evans said. So I went. I'll never forget the look on Bertha Evans' face when I walked in with a baby. I know she thought she had plenty of work to do without having more to feed and work for. But, I jumped right in and helped with the work. We have laughed about it many times since. Before I left, she was very glad I had come.

When we arrived at the Promised Land the Pulsifer survey had already been made. But it was not accepted by the government, so squatters could not file on their claims. Later, after Boyds and others had lived there five years and could not prove up because of it, another survey was put through.

George and Johnnie Scruby had built my cabin out in the marsh. Another man had built his house in the marsh. Jake Andrews had bought his Squatter's right. This new survey put his house on our land. It was a log house. Jake told McNutt that if he would haul lumber up there for him, he would build a lumber house on his side of the line, and we could have the log cabin. We took the log cabin which was built of heavey spruce and very comfortable.

Fred Nolop, foreman of Polson's camp No. 5, said there was as good timber on our place as he ever saw in his life. Our claim was in 21-10. Herman, John, and Will Winters were in 21-9. A neighbor, Mrs. Haley, was also in 21-9.

McNutt was always telling me he saw a bear near Tom Jensen's place, about a mile and a half from tome. But, I got the notion that he just imagined it. So when we were coming home from Evans Hotel after the haying I said I'd like to see that bear. We went on a little further and heard some brush crackling, and there were two bear in the salal. We could just see their backs.