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"When Jonnie Scruby and I arrived, of course, George Scruby did not know I was coming. We got off the train at Montesano on a Friday afternoon and I got a room at the Hillside Hotel. When I turned down the covers I found the bed so damp that I had to take off my petticoats and wrap Carl in them to protect him. It was April, 1895.

Next morning, we came on to Hoquiam on the 'Josie Burrows'. The Gamage Hotel was where the Simpson Bridge starts. I stayed there with the baby while Johnnie hunted Hoquiam over for George. He found him at the Wilson Hotel, run by Bertha Aldridge's mother. Ed Wilson never figured a bill. His wife always did it for him. She wasn't there and so George and Johnnie told him they could figure it for him, and that figures don't lie. "No, but liars can figure," he replied.

Sunday we took a rowboat up the Hoquiam to the Ellingson's at New London. They had a girl, Anna, the age of Carl - nine months. We spent the night there. Next day it was raining. Mr. Harry Evans came along with the mail wagon and we got in. I sat if front with the baby and Mr. Evans threw a tarpaulin over us. Johnnie and George sat behind.

Evans was quite a talker, and English. He dropped his H's when he should have used them, and used them when he shouldn't. I heard a lot that day that I didn't believe. The first couple of miles of road were graveled, so we had no trouble. But, when we got onto the puncheon, it was bumpity, bump. We had not gone very far until I felt Evans put his arm around me. In another minute I knew why. We went down into a deep chuck hole. A woman had fallen off the wagon some days before, so he wasn't taking any chances.

When we reached Axford Prairie, Evans drove to the Walker place to tell the family that Mrs. Marcus Walker (Maggie, mother of the four boys) had died on April 14th, at Steilacoom."