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J. L. McNUTT FAMILY - 1895

Estella Grace McNutt relates:

"The summer of 1894 was dry and hot in Fairmont, Nebraska. In the spring my husband (Lyman) had worked on a farm for $18.00 per month. But, when the crops were in that job played out. Later he helped repair a grain elevator two miles from home. We had a team and wagon, so he drove back and forth. I was expecting, so I got a neighbor girl, Jennie Gage, to stay with me.

One particular day, I took Lyman to work, drove back and took Jennie two miles to her mother's. Jennie hadmixed the bread stiff, and we took it along to bake. Mrs. Gage gave me apples, cabbage and cucumbers, and we baked our bread and went home. Then I went after Lyme. It was the 25th day of July and very, very hot. The corn just laid down in the field, and gave up the ghost. That night my baby Carl was born. Soon after, the merchants were giving away pears to the lucky persons, and Lyme won some and I canned them.

When the elevator job was finished, we decided to go to Washington, Kansas, to see my adopted brothers and children. It took us about three days to drive the hundred miles. There we rented a couple of rooms upstairs in our cousin's home. Mr. McNutt still didn't get any work, except an occasional odd job. My brother, Len Mowrey, was out in Spokane, Wash. The Pullman Company workers were out on strike, and, as he was a locomotive engineer, he was out of work too."