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School was held in the vacant Bockover cabin with Miss Elsa Goslin as teacher. John and Carson Kendrick and Orpha Silvey Paull were the scholars. Then the Kendricks left and Miss Goslin moved in with Paulls, as Orpha was her only pupil.

After moving to Humptulips, Ben, Jr., erected a small store building and Will Kendrick and Carson Newnham opened a butcher shop. They did their butchering on Lee Allmen's place. Harry Marquis offered to paint them a sign if they would use it. They gladly agreed. The sign in large letters read, "Newnham & Kendrick, Meats. Been in business a month and haven't cut a gut yet."

Marquis thought it a good joke. As per agreement, the boys displayed the sign for a while, much to the disgust of the women of the community.

The Ben Newnhams have four children:

Virginia - who married a Fraker and lives in Pendleton, Oregon
Constance - now Mrs. Harry Boslor of Hoquiam
Patricia - who married Al Jackson of Quinault
and Benjamin Mitchell

Because of their skill in hunting the big cats, Ben Newnham, Jr. and his homestead neighbor John Bockover, were known affectionately by the pioneers as "Cougar Ben and Wildcat John, of 21-20".

The following article was taken from the Aberdeen World:

"Hoquiam, Dec. 12

Judge Luther Kirkpatrick of Humptulips, was in town today chuckling over that yarn about Cougar Ben and Wildcat John.

It seems that Ben and John met a mon on a skidroad, after a successful hunt. Cougar Ben had a cougar by the tail, the beast clawing and growling something terrific. Wildcat John had a wildcat by the nape of the neck holding it at arm's length. The cat was spitting and hissing.

The man they met asked, "Hey, where you fellows going with them animals?" One of them replied, "Oh, we're taking 'em home to kill 'em." And that, says the Judge, is the height of composure, or something or other."