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In 1897 Tom left for California. Later went to Arizona, working on a ranch. At the outbreak of the Spanish-American war in 1898 he enlisted in Company C, 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry. He was sent to San Antonio, Texas, where they camped four weeks. Then, to Tampa, Florida.

He was taken ill in July and hospitalized on the 25th. On August 1st he was moved to Ft. McPherson, Georgia, to the hospital there. Regaining consciousness for a short time he sent a dying message to his loved ones: "I did not get to Cuba. But, it was not my fault, I tried to get well, but could not." He was buried with military honors at Fort McPherson, Ga. and later moved to the National Cemetery in Washington, D. C.

The fourth child was Robert, born in 1865. He died in 1895 on the homestead ten miles above Humptulips, and was buried there.

Alice, better known as "Allie" was born Dec. 3, 1867, and moved with her parents to Humptulips where she met Lee Allman, a native of West Virginia, who had a claim on the Hump below Murhard's. They were married in 1891 on Tom's homestead, by Marcus Walker, of Axford. Three daughters were born to this union:

Bessie - in 1893. She married W. R. Laughlin in 1910
Grace - born in 1894, married F. S. Delaney in 1914
Lenora - who died in 1896 in her infancy

The Delaneys had a boy, Bob, and a girl, Elizabeth.

Allie relates:

"Lee Allman was killed in 1897 by a falling tree while working with my brother, Ben. He is buried in the family plot. On Nov. 24, 1902 I married Jake Andrews, an old homesteader in the valley. He was found dead in bed on April 10, 1905, at Stockwell's logging camp where he worked."

Between these marriages, Allie purchased the Roberts Hotel and operated it. Later she married Bill Gosnell, but divorced him.

The sixth child of Benjamin and Elizabeth Newnham was Melzena or Mellie. She was born in 1871 and died in 1887, of quick consumption.

In 1873, Roy was born. He died in 1892.

Benjamin, Jr., the eighth child, was born in 1875. In 1911 he married Esther Mitchell, an Oregon girl, and took her to the homestead, which adjoined the John Bockover place, ten miles above Humptulips. Kendricks lived there with them for a while.