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By Allie Andrews

Benjamin Franklin Newnham's grandfather, Elijah Newnham, was born in 1760 and died in 1850. His grandmother was Susan Thorpe, born in 1757, died Oct. 22, 1847. B. F. Newnham's father was Morris Newnham, born in 1802 in Kentucky. He died in 1885. His mother, Ailsa Payne, was born in Kentucky, also.

Benjamin F. Newnham was born in Kentucky, August 15, 1834. Elizabeth May, his wife and my mother, was born in Missouri, June 17, 1841. Her mother's name was Patience Wells. She died when Mother was a small child, and she was reared by an uncle. Never had much chance to go to school. Learned to write from us children.

When my father was a boy his people moved from Kentucky to Illinois. Then my mother was sent to Illinois, became acquainted with him and they were married in Aldara, Ills. Sept. 18, 1856. Settled on a farm. They lived together fifty-one years, and were the parents of eleven children.

Their first baby was born in 1861 and died in infancy. A set of twins followed in 1865. One died a year later. The other, Tom, grew to manhood in Illinois. In 1888 he decided to come West; worked in Tacoma for six months, then returned home. Came back to Washington in 1889, taking up a claim in township 21, range 10, and building a house for his folks, on Cook Creek, four miles this side of Neilton.

In 1890 Father, accompanied by Ben, Rob, and me, drove a team and spring wagon to Hannibal, Missouri and ferried across the Mississippi River. There Rob took the train to Washington to be with Tom. The family followed in March, 1891.