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Elzy once stopped at Zeigler's cabin. A pot of elk meat was cooking on the stove. It smelled good to Elzy and he stayed and stayed. But Zeigler had fed Elzy so often he made up his mind he wouldn't do it this time. So, while the men talked and talked, the elk meat boiled and boiled. Finally Elzy decided to go. He was standing with his hand on the door latch when Zeigler said, "I'd ask you to stay for dinner, Elzy, but the elk meat isn't nearly done yet."

Elzy turned from the door. "Let's eat it anyway," he said, and sat down again. The meat was already falling off the bones.

The story is told that Ben Nenham had cooked some cougar back straps for his dogs. While he was away hunting Elzy came along. Not knowing what kind of meat it was, he ate his fill and relished it.

Later Elzy White, Mike Grazier, and J. L. McNutt logged in the vicinity of Burrows on the lower Humptulips. Mrs. McNutt did the cooking. Eventually Elzy married Belle Burrows.

In 1902, Jake Andrews married Allie Newnham Allman. Three years later, he died in bed at Stockwell's logging camp where he worked.


The Krafts (Emma Loomis' folks), the Kirkpatricks, and the Dunnings all came from Sandoval, Illinois. Kirkpatrick worked on the railroad. Dunning and Kraft worked together in the coal mines. Krafts came to Washington in 1880, taking a homestead near Bellingham. Later, they moved to Hoquiam. The Kirkpatricks settled at Humptulips in 1895.

The Dunnings, accompanied by Mrs. Baldwin, came to the Promised Land and took a claim in 1896. Records show John and George Dunning were original claim holders. Dunnings abandoned their claim and moved to Hoquiam.

The Dunning children were:

and Owen - called "Red"

John, at the age of eighteen, kept company with Olive France, of Hoquiam. Homer attended high school and graduated in 1900 with Burton Lyons; Mabel Newnham; Pearl Tillis; and Emma Kraft. In 1902 Homer taught during May and June at the Norwood School at Quinault. In September he took the Humptulips School.

In 1903 the Dunnings moved to Humptulips to operate the Evans Hotel. The family was musical and had a band of their own which played at special functions both in Hoquiam and Humptulips. Owen, who was only four when the family moved to Walla Walla, later became assistant director of two orchestras at KOIN Broadcasting Station in Portland, and arranged all their music. Nellie married and left the Harbor. The family finally moved to Portland.