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When she reached High School age Bernice stayed one year in Hoquiam with Bertha Sanders' parents, the Ed Wilsons. Then Mr. Boyd built the Riverside Hotel on Lincoln Street and in 1898 the family moved to Hoquiam to operate the Hotel. Later they move to California.

During the time they were homesteading, Mrs. DeWitt Boyd's sister, Daisy Ramsdell, visited her. It was rumored that she was so popular with the young men of Humptulips that her mother, fearing she would marry, hurried her home.

Bernice Boyd's sister, Beryl, married a Clinton.

Meanwhile, Ed O'Connor stayed with the Boyds several years. Then the Sudderths of Axford wanted a body guard for their daughter Eoline when she walked through the woods to school, so they persuaded Ed to live with them. Some three years later, being seventeen years of age, he engaged to work for R. J. Robinson, of Axford. Soon thereafter the boy was killed.

A newspaper clipping of 1897 says:

"Fatal Accident at Humptulips:

The little settlement of Axford is having more than its share of trouble lately. Only a short time ago, Mr. Sudderth had a child killed, and Mr. John Walker was accidentally shot, narrowly escaping death. To this list of accidents is now added the death of Ed O'Connor who was killed while working with R. J. Robinson in the woods last Saturday.

It appears that young O'Connor and Mr. Robinson were hauling logs by means of a capstan, and while Robinson worked in the woods, O'Connor drove the horse. From appearances, in hitching up, the pin was not put through the lower part of the clevis, so that when the strain began the clevis straightened, allowing the sweep to fly back and strike the boy.

Mr. Robinson, seeing that something was wrong, rushed to the spot and found Ed unconscious. He, at once, put him on a sled and tried to get him home, but he died on the way. The blow had struck him on the chin and broken his neck."

Mrs. DeWitt Boyd's sister Cora was married to George Clinton. The Clintons were also settlers and neighbors of the Boyds.