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DeWitt Lincoln Boyd was the only child of Abraham Lincoln's sister, Olive Lincoln Boyd, who died at his birth.

After DeWitt married Mary Ramsdell, the Boyds were pioneers first in South Dakota, then in Washington, and finally in their section of California.

On December 17, 1887 they arrived in Tacoma with their three children. While there they took a nine-year-old boy, Ed O'Connor, to raise. He had come to Canada with a boatload of orphans from England, and had no known relatives.

The Boyds next decided to take a homestead near Humptulips. They reached the Promised Land on June 1, 1890, bringing with them Bernice - ten; Everett - seven; Beryl - five; and Ed O'Connor. In 1892 Mrs. Boyd returned to Tacoma for the birth of a son, Raymond. Two years later Charles was born in the Promised Land.

Since there was no school nearer than Humptulips, some six miles distant. Bernice stayed first with Sargents and later with Bertha Evans Hanson during the school term.

In 1893 Mr. Boyd began the construction of the Evans Hotel at Humptulips. He finished it in 1895. That same year Mrs. Boyd nursed Mrs. R. J. Robinson of Axford during her first confinement. For this she received a two-year-old heifer, by paying ten dollars. She was very pleased, as she usually did not receive anything.

In the fall of 1896, the Humptulips teacher, Mr. Styles - an Adventist - resigned to take a position in his church. Mrs. Mary Boyd who had been a teacher secured a permit and finished the school year very acceptably. (According to Kate Murhard who was Clerk of the School Board.)

Bernice Boyd, now Mrs. William Kehoe of Brawley, Calif., says:

"We knew the Billy Cogsdill family very well. They were our neighbors in the Promised Land. Also the McNutts."