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While still in his teens, Lorne Cogdill, Will Sandborn (son of Capt. Sanborn), and a son of one of the Burrows, were drowned while on a duck hunting trip. It seems that the boys had pulled their boat up on the shore of a tide-flat and walked through the marsh looking for ducks. However, they stayed too long and when they returned for the boat, the tide had come in and washed it well beyond their reach. That left them stranded on an island that they knew would be completely covered at high tide.

Of course, no one saw the tragedy. But, when the bodies were recovered, two were clothed; but that of Harry Sandborn was naked. He was known to be a strong swimmer. The coroners and Capt. Sandborn figured that Harry had removed his clothing and tried to reach the boat, but failed. The other two boys had piled up sand into a mound and stood on that as long as they could, but eventually the water engulfed them. The three are buried side by side in the Hoquiam cemetery with a common monument.

Mrs. Cogdill's first husband was Ivar Vaumund, a sea captain. They had one daughter, Mary Ann. After Ivar was drowned May married George Wise. Later, they separated and May married O. E. Nicholson, who was once Forest Ranger at Quinault. They live at Eugene, Oregon.

Bryan married Bess Wood, of Seattle, and lives at Issquah.

Jack married Mary Ganok, of Hoquiam. He died of pneumonia about 1932.

Jim married Frieda Green, of Hoquiam. They live at Central Park.

Kate Cogdill died in 1928 of cerebral hemorrhage.

Will Kendrick married Mabel Newnham, of Humptulips, in June, 1901. They had three children - Carson, John, and Elizabeth. Will died in 1909.