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Kate Kendrick married William Cogdill, a timber cruiser. During the two or three years they were on the claim in the Promised Land, a son Lorne and a daughter May were born.

Then, because the land was largely peat bog, and useless for farming, they moved to a timber claim five miles north of Quinault Lake, where Mr. Cogdill worked for the government. While living there Bryan was born. He was still a babe in arms, when Mr. Cogdill decided to buy forty acres adjoining Murhard's. He spent some time logging on Stevens Creek. During their residence there another son, Jack, arrived.

Around 1902, the Kendrick girls received a legacy of a thousand dollars each, to be paid at the rate of $100 a year for ten years. The Cogdills then moved to Hoquiam and Mary bought a home on L. Street. There another boy, Jim, was added to the family.

In 1903 or 1904, having accumulated numerous debts, Billy Cogdill (without consulting his wife) found a buyer for their home. But, when he came with a notary public and the papers for Mary to sign, she flatly refused to do so. Thereupon, Billy left for southern Oregon on a cruising and prospecting trip and never returned. To support her children, Mrs. Cogdill turned her home into a boarding house for business men.