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John L. Bockover and wife settled on a claim in 21-10 in the Promised Land. Then they sold their Relinquishment to Proctor and Sadie Brown and took another claim at Neilton (The Burn).

Their son Miller Bockover was with the Coast Guard for several years. At one time, he was stationed in Alaskan waters, and was on the Coast Guard vessel that brought out the bodies of Will Rogers and Wiley Post, following the crash of Post's plane at Point Barrow.

John Bockover killed so many wildcats that he was known as "Widlcat John".


The three Kendrick sisters, Kate, Mary, and Jennie were born in Ireland and came to America in a sailboat. They located first in Illinois where they became acquainted with the Newnhams. Later they came West and resided in Tacoma. They had picked out three valuable claims and posted their notices, but couldn't file on them until they obtained their citizenship papers.

Before they received them, however, they met William Cogdill in Tacoma. He persuaded them to trade their good claims for homesteads in the Promised Land.

They located there in 1891. Will Kendrick, nephew of the girls, also settled on a claim there.

In 1892 Jennie Kendrick married Frank F. Fehse, an upholsterer in Tacoma. Their first child, Clarence, was born there in 1894. The second son, Elman, was born in 1897 on the claim. Jennie died when the baby was three weeks old.

Frank Fehse's father and mother were born in Germany but married in the United States. They lived to the age of 93 and 75; respectively. Frank was born at Mr. Pleasant, Iowa. His sister, Sarah Brenen, also located on a claim in the Promised Land. Their brother, John Fehse, spent some time there. He was a soldier in both the Civil War and the Spanish-American. He was a band leader.

Meanwhile, Mary Kendrick had married Laurie Smading, a brick mason. They had no children. So, when Jennie Fehse died they took Clarence and Elman to raise, the boys taking the name of Smading. By the time Clarence was of school age, the Smadings had proved up on their claim and moved to Hoquiam. Clarence became a mechanic and is now construction engineer for Blagen's mill. Elman was for many years a furniture dealer in Hoquiam.

Clarence served on the South Dakota during World War II. His cousin was aboard the same boat, but they didn't know their relationship until they returned to the United States.