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"The road was made of puncheon, and riding bicycles over that, where you had to get off and walk every eight or ten feet, wasn't for me. I was about all in. The smoke was so thick it made our eyes sore and we could hardly see. We were on the trip all day and arrived at Humptulips just before dark.

Naturally we were worn out, jumping on and off our bicycles. Our feet began to swell as we walked through Humptulips City, and I decided finally that I couldn't go any farther. I sat down on a log and began to cry. Seeing me like that, Allen decided to go back to the Harry Evans Hotel and see if there was a horse for me to ride. After an interminable wait he came back with a horse and a lantern.

We left our bicycles and Allen led the horse and held the lantern to light the way. Of course, I had never ridden a horse either, but it didn't make much difference how I sat a horse. I was so sore I could hardly stand up or sit down.

It was well past midnight when we reached the cabin. Mr. Kellogg's three hunting dogs started barking the minute they heard us. By the time we were inside the clearing, Mr. Kellogg was out with his lantern to see what was the matter - probably expecting to find a cougar prowling around the place. Were we ever glad to see that cabin.

At that, it was just a one-room cabin with one bed; which meant that we would have to sleep on the floor. Even the floor seemed like Heaven. The next morning Allen went into Humptulips and returned with a large supply of groceries to last them until Mr. Kellogg's leg was better. The second day we were to go back to Hoquiam. But it was three days before I was even able to get up off the floor. Then we had to start back so Allen could report for work.

As the smoke had cleared away entirely, it did away with most of our suffering. I rode the horse back to Humptulips on our return. Then we started the 28 mile journey to Hoquiam on our bicycles. The weather was perfect, but the bumps in the road were still there, and bicycle riding was even harder going back than it was going in.

We arrived home early that night much wiser for our trip - especially Allen. He decided that the next time he took a jaunt into the country, he would leave me at home."

Of course they found their home intact, as the fire did not reach Hoquiam.