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Born Feb. 12, 1867, at Niantic, New London Co., Conn. of English, Scotch, and French Huguenot parentage.

All settled in the colonies before the Revolutionary War.

George Huntley settled on the N.E. quarter of Section 31, Township 21 N. Range 10 West (Promised Land) in December, 1892. Proved up in 1897. Sold homestead to Polson Logging Company, December 1923.

George E. Huntley was, by birth, a farmer, by trade a woodworker, carpenter, millwright, and patternmaker. By profession he was an industrial arts instructor. By business, a box maker and factory owner. By training, a market man. Investments were in timber land. His hobby was traveling, to satisfy a wander-lust.

Pioneers and settlers in a new country, to be a success, must be able to turn their hand to different tasks as they come up.

George Huntley was married in middle life, but had no children.

Also, in 1892, Henry Eberting and Charles Kellogg used to hike from Hoquiam to their claims in the Promised Land.

W. G. Eberting, son of Henry, says:

"The family never lived there, but I used to take cruisers up to New London in a buckboard. Then I'd stay at the Ellingson Hotel. I recall how rough the road was, and how many girls the Ellingsons had."