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Also, in 1888 George Scruby took a homestead in the Promised Land. he was enthused over this part of the country and kept writing his younger brother in Nebraska urging him to come West. In 1895, Jimmie Scruby, accompanied by his sister Grace McNutt, joined George and settled on adjoining claims.


Thomas Spence also owned a timber claim close to McAfee. He was a Harbor timer cruiser for more than fifty years. Died at the age of nivety-five.


A settler of illustrious ancestry was Henry Whitmore Marquis. He was born in Casstown, Ohio, in 1858. When a boy he moved with his father to a small town in Illinois, call Walnut.

The Marquis family came to this country in 1720 from the north of Ireland, and settled at Winchester, Virginia. Harry's great-grandfather was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, one of Washington's reliable Virginia riflemen who went all through the war. His name was Thomas Marquis. Thomas moved with his wife and two children into eastern Ohio after the Revolution and settled there.

Harry's grandfather was William Marquis. He was a Captain in the War of 1812. "Captain Billy" died at the age of 96 in Illinois. Harry's father was James Stewart Marquis, a physician, who was a graduate of the Starling Medical College of Columbus, Ohio. Died in Illinois in 1897, after practicing medicine more than fifty years.

Harry's mother's name was Virginia Whitmore. Both her father and her mother were born in Virginia, where there are a good many Whitmores to this day. Virginia's mother was a Perry, a cousin of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry (who made good in the War of 1812) and of his younger brother, the Commodore Perry who opened up Japan.

So Harry was third or fourth cousin of these two Commodores Perry. He looked very much more like the Perry outfit, as a young man, than he did like the Marquis clan.

Henry Marquis left Illinois and took up his claim at Humptulips, Washington Territory, in 1889. He settled in the Promised Land.

From Washington he went to the Yukon where he was employed by the Arctic Trading Co. He died at White Horse in the summer of 1923.

(By Don Marquis)