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According to the records, William and Ritchie McAfee were original claim holders. It is not known to me which was nicknamed "Abe". However, Abe and his brother were perhaps the first settlers in the Promised Land. They were in the cattle raising business.

Kate Murhard recalls that Abe often came to Murhard's to stay a few days, partly because he was lonely, and partly because he enjoyed her cooking. In 1891, Abe cut his hand badly and came to their place for first aid. Gust and Kate being some distance away from the house, Gust's father Otto got out his "Black Doctor" box. It held a metal disc with sharp teeth and a pad filled with a black medication. The disc was first pressed onto the pad, then slapped onto the wound or sore with enough force to penetrate the skin and disinfect it.

After treating the cut, Otto wrapped McAfee's hand with a beautiful silk sash that cost $1.50 a yard. Kate prized that sash and was highly indignant at her father-in-law for using it. However, Abe's hand healed nicely.

Some years later, Abe married a widow who had a claim in the Promised Land. She said he was so stingy that she had to divorce him. With all the cattle he owned, he wouldn't kill an animal to eat.


The Hansen brothers settled on their claims in 1888. A portion of Antone's was quite marshy, so he had Gust Murhard bring his ox-team and plow it.

Later on, the Hansens bought timber around Axford and opened a sizable logging camp which operated for several years.

Antone married Bertha Evans, of Humptulips, Oct. 1, 1900. Previously, he had purchased lots on the townsite, and engaged Otis Roberts to build him a house.

The painting was done by Leslie Scott who later married Bertha's sister, Ethel Evans.

Chris Hansen married Ella Ellingson, of New London, and took her to the logging camp at Axford. Their frist boy died in infancy. Later a daughter Ruth and a son Leslie were born to them.

After Chris passed away, Ella married Clarence Consoliver.