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Dan McGillicuddy's land map lists the original settlers as follows:
Sam Ray
Capt. Schneider (or Snyder)
Albert E. White
Edmund Wilson
Wm. Kendrick
Sam Adams
Mathias Sweitzer
Wm. McAfee
Lachlin McTaggart
Chas. Kellogg
Sarkus Davis
Henry Eberting
Michael Hoffman
Chas. Knoell
Dave Anderson
Dolly Winters
H. W. Winters
Mitch Ford
Michael Haley
C. A. Hanson
Robt. Quinn
Lizzie Milhoffer
Johann Milhoffer
Freman Watson
Chas. E. Evans
Elzy White
Thos. Larkin
Alfred Anderson
Ritchie McAfee
Chas. Larkins
Tom Larkin
Anna Isem
L. E. Smading
Geo. Scruby
E. A. Philbert
Richard Green
Michael Haley
Eric Sjolserth
Ima Sjolserth
Johnnie Scruby
? Rasmussen
Thomas Jenson
Jas. L. McNutt
Newton Brittain (timber)
H. G. Evans
John Hanson
R. C. Wilson
H. W. Marquis
Geo. Huntley
Geo. A. Reed, Jr.
Michael Slinning
Geo. W. Wainright
Guy Archer
Geo. Hamilton
Verna Wood
Mary Anstie
John Dunning
Geo. Dunning
Fred Turno
Ralph Hewitt
Many of these early bachelor settlers took homesteads under the preemption law which required only six months' residence with the payment of $1.25 per acre. A few took timber claims at $2.50 per acre with no residence requirements. Others gained title the hard way, by living on the land the required five years. The law permitted them to spend a portion of each year "outside" working for wages, in order to make improvements on their homestead.

Some sold their squatter's right and never proved up. On gaining title, most of these homesteaders moved out to town and later sold to the logging companies.