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In Order of Settlement

1. Mrs. Joe Clyde - 1884

2. Mrs. Emmaline Sudderth - 1885

3. Mrs. Maggie Walker - 1885

4. Mrs. Angelo - 1885 or 1886. No road yet.

5. Mrs. Mary Brittain and Mrs. Kate Sargent - Sisters-in-law; came together in spring of 1888

6. Miss Kate Hottois - (Later Kate Murhard) - Arrived in September, 1888

Amy Angelo married Jno Farquhar, at Humptulips in 1888. On Feb. 13, 1890, Kate Hottois married Gust Murhard. However, Mrs. Murhard was considered the first white bride in the Humptulips Valley, because the Farquhars moved directly to Olympia and did not make their home at Humptulips.

Allie Newnham became the second bride when she married Lee Allman, in 1891.