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"Ernest took the contract from Mr. Evans to carry the mail from Humptulips to Lake Quinault for a period of four years. Our first home was two miles east of Humptulips on the Sargent place which we rented. Later it was owned by McNutts. The only neighbors I had that summer were Ed Caylor and his sister Laura Silvey (later Mrs. E. R. Paull) who came to see me every few days. She was also the first woman we got acquainted with, as she was returning from Hoquiam the same day we came in.

In the latter part of August we moved into Humptulips, living with Uncle Billy Develand who had come from Odin, Illinois in 1901. We shall always remember Sept. 12, 1902, the Dark day. Grandma Loomis and Mrs. Evans came to see me that day. Knowing I was a stranger, they thought I might be frightened. They were very glad when I told them it might be the sign of Christ's coming and that I had no fear of that day.

On April 22, just one year after arriving in Hoquiam, we continued our journey to the Lake, leaving Humptulips with Asa and Paul, as we had one more added to our number. Each child was placed in a coal oil box and swung from the pony's side.

On arriving at the Lake, we stayed overnight at the Ewell Hotel. The next morning Earnest loaded what things he had previously taken, into a boat, and took them to the head of the Lake - Zeigler's landing. There we were met by Louie and Joe Haas with their ox team and sled. The road was so bad and also so narrow that I thought sometimes that the sled would upset. Then it would right itself again. We lived on the Ewell Homestead until October, then went down to the townsite and fixed up the Glover house just back of the Hotel. We stayed there until garden-making time the next spring.

In October, 1902, there was an exciting time. One morning about nine o'clock Ernest Evans came riding up like mail with the news that all the land was open for settlement, and for everyone to get his land posted as there were crowds coming in to take claims. I went in haste to see Mrs. Haas who was working on her place adjoining the Ewells."