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By Elizabeth Fishel - 1902

"Earnest E. Fishel was born March 4, 1875, at Blissfield, Michigan. He remained there until seven years of age, then went with his parents, Warren H. and Mary M. Fishel, to West Farmington, Ohio, where he remained until fifteen years of age. Then, he went wet to Kinmundy, Illinois, with his mother, sister, and two brothers, to visit his mother's father and brother, Denny P. and Proctor Brown. When his relatives returned to their home in Ohio, Earnest remained with his grandfather Brown and went to the Kinmundy School.

At the age of eighteen he met Miss Elizabeth Eagan. After an acquaintance of almost three years they were married, Sept. 25, 1895. To this union ten children were born - six boys and four girls - the eldest dying at the age of eighteen months, Oct. 13, 1898.

On April 17, 1902, we left Kinmundy, Illinois, for Humptulips, Wash. with our son Asa and Grandpa Denny Brown. We arrived in Hoquiam April 22nd, being met at the train by Mrs. Ben Baldwin. We stayed at her place for several days. Then we went on to Axford with Mr. Evans, as he was driving the stage from Humptulips to Hoquiam at that time.

In Axford, we were kindly received by Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Bockover. We met many new friends who were there waiting for their mail, including Mrs. C. C. Hansen, Mrs. Sedwith, Mrs. Frank McDonald. We remained with the Bockovers until Sunday, then walked from Axford to Humptulips. There we crossed the Humptulips River in the carriage which is operated by pulling yourself over with a rope. We remained in Humptulips a few days with Uncle Proctor and Aunt Sadie Brown who had preceded us in 1894.

While in Humptulips we met Mr. and Mrs. Louis Losey, Mrs. Lillie Partridge, and Mr. and Mrs. Kirkpatrick. We returned to Axford, where Earnest got a job working on the Big Creek bridge with Mr. P. M. Newbury. He also helped Walker Bros. bring in their first donkey engine. But we were not to remain in Axford."