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Grace McNutt describes Mrs. Paull's ordeal at the time the twins were born:

"Ernest Paull was at that time Forest Ranger, and the Paulls lived at the station above the Quinault. Mrs. Paull was expecting to be confined and had made arrangements to come out to Hoquiam to Mrs. Baldwin's to have the baby. On Dec. 29, 1912, they started down the Quinault in a buckboard with horses. When they got to Eight Mile Post, they met Mrs. Phil Locke going in. She told them that the creek (Stevens) was up, and they could not cross.

Fortunately there was a telephone box near, so they telephoned to Loomis to send a team to this side to get them. Somewhere on the road the water had floated the puncheon and the horses got down and had to be cut loose from the harness.

They finally got down to Stevens Creek, got out of the wagon and walked across a footbridge (log). Mrs. Paull was wearing long skirts and was drabbled with water and mud. There Ike Loomis met them and brought them down to Humptulips.

Just about dark my husband got uneasy about them, as I had asked them to stay over night with us. We were eating supper, after dark, when he jumped up, lighted a lantern and started out to meet them. They met by the cemetery. Mrs. Paull said she was never so thankful to see a light coming toward them. They came on to our place and stayed the night.

Next morning Laura was sick. The water was up at Stanfield's so the Paulls spent the day with us. Late that afternoon we decided that the baby was coming, so Mr. McNutt went for Mrs. Losey. She was mad because Mrs. Paull had not come to her house. However, Mr. McNutt told her she just had to come to help Grace (me) through the ordeal. In due course of time a baby was born. That was Irving. Mrs. Losey kept busying herself at the bed and finally i said. "Go and see what she's doing" There was another baby, Edward. Two inside of thirty minutes.

Mr. Paull went home next morning. we had noticed a small triangular clip out of the baby's ear. When Ernest returned, Mrs. Paull told him "Mrs. McNutt cut a piece out of Edward's ear so we could tell them apart." He believed it for a minute. They stayed three weeks with us.

Then Elmer Adams rigged up a sled and hitched a yoke of oxen to it, put a cover over it and a kerosene lantern inside for warmth. By the time they got to Kelley's at the Spur, both the babies and Laura were sick from the fumes. The following day they went on to Quinault and home. Edward died when ten months of age."

While Paulls lived on the lower end of the Burn, Orpha attended school with Carson and John Kendrick. But after the Kendrics and the Newohams moved to Humptulips. Paulls were the only family on the Burn. Charley Dunn was batching at the upper end. Then when they moved to the Ranger Station in 1910, they arranged for Orpha to stay in Hoquiam with Mrs. Allan Kellogg. Later she stayed with Rudisills and then with Mrs. Cogdill. She graduated from Hoquiam High School in 1918.