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"I (Stella May Losey) was born March 26, 1880, in a stone house in the side of a hill (a dugout) during an epidemic of diptheria. The three older children died with it and were buried there. After this, we returned by team. After a day's journey, when we stopped to eat, our Shepard dog disappeared. When we got home a letter was waiting. The dog had gone back. Then Charles Malon was born, Oct. 8, 1884, his grandmother being the doctor. Then Ernest was born, Oct. 27, 1887.

Aunt Sadie and Uncle Proctor came to Humptulips first, (In 1894). Then we decided to come, (1900). By that time I had married Mr. Alexander. Frank Ziegler hauled our belongs in over the road. We first lived in the Angelo house, where my Percy was born, Nov. 28, 1900. Then we bought six acres on the Prairie. Mr. Partridge helped father build a six-room house.

In 1903, we leased the hotel from Newburys and ran it six years. While there, Julia Agnes was born, Dec. 23rd, 1904. Then we moved back to the old home place where Ruth was born. Next we moved to Olympia where my father was taken sick with diabetes, later followed by a stroke. Died in 1908 and is buried in Olympia.

Julia Agnes married a Hathaway. Ruth's name is now Warnock. While living in Olympia Stella met and married a Frenchman by the name of St. Germain. "

She continues.

"We moved back to Humptulips, then to Hoquiam in 1918. My mother married P. M. Newbury in 1902. She died in July, 1921. My daughters Dora and Ruby were born. Brother Ernest Losey was sick with tuberculosis for seven years. Mother took him to Orting where he died May, 1920, and is buried there."

From 1902 until 1910 Julia Losey served as mid-wife to most of the new arrivals in Humptulips. She waited on Mrs. Fishel in 1900 when Esther was born, and again in 1908 for Alta.