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"David Harris married a Cozad girl and she became my grandmother. To this union were born: David, Charles, Mary, and Julia Ann (my mother). All were born in Virginia, where Grandfather worked at the Brady-Newburger Oil Wells. Oil used to float on the Canough River. Mother was born Jan. 8, 1854 in Parkersburg. After her mother died, her father married a Mrs. Anna Wood. They had three children : Samuel, Janie, and Daisy. When Julia (my mother) was 14, the family moved by team and wagon to Illinois. Mother took care of her father in his old age. He died at our home in his nineties.

I have heard Mother tell that during the Civil War the bush-whackers came through and tied the school teacher to a tree. But under cover of darkness someone turned him loose.

My father's father, Martin Losey, was a full-blooded German, but was American born. He was an only son, and was in the War. Phoebe Gregg was Scotch and English, a sister of Senator Gregg of New York. (Stella doesn't say, but probably Martin married Phoebe Gregg). Children were: My father - Louis, Malon, Aunt Sadie (Brown), and George, all deceased.

Malon married Mary Murphy. They had four children Merta, Malon, Blanche, and Wilford. All died with tuberculosis.

My father, Louis Losey, was born May 14, 1849, in Indiana, close to Waynesville. When he was a lad his parents moved to Illinois where his father practiced medicine. My grandmother, Julia, who had studied medicine as a girl, went with him on many hard cases. He died from an attack of bronchitis. When buried, sixty-five rigs followed him to the grave - by far the largest funeral ever held in that county.

After his death, Grandma continued his practice. She went day and night. Lived only a few years. Had a stroke and lay helpless for eight months while her daughter, Sadie, took care of her. She is buried in Alma, Illinois.

My father and mother (Louis and Julia Ann) both attneded the same school. They married in Illinois and lived on a farm where the older children, Rhoda, Dora, and Martin were born. Then they drove from Illinois to Kansas where my mother's father had settled. A baby boy was born and died there. My parents left the Christian church and joined the Methodist and were members when they died."