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"We didn't start up the mountain very early, so had to spend the night at Camp Baldy part way up. The men kept fire all night. We girls slept in the center, men on the outside. Had canned baked beans for breakfast. Then we climbed to the top of Mr. Baldy, but it was so cloudy we couldn't get a distant view.

Jeanie Shaw had worn a short skirt and was able to climb unhampered. However, mine was long, and when I finally reached the foot of the mountain, it was in tatters. The others laughed at me and took my picture. We reached Humptulips that night.

The following day I visited around Humptulips, but Hessie Crawford stayed abed. She was about sick from her rough experience. Before we left Humptulips we attended a dance there.

On another occasion Frank Melbourne was the leader of a group consisting of Ophelia Carlton, Anna Carlton, Elda Roberts, Otis Roberts, Mabel Newnham, Charley Evans, and Hilda Evans.

Luther Kirkpatrick says the following went on a trip about 1899; Luther Kirkpatrick, Allie Newnham, Flessie Pearson, Cap Johnson, Mabel Newnham, Ethel Knox, Frank Milbourne, Millie Loughery, Miles Newberry, Harry Evans, and Hessia Crawford of Hoquiam. They went horseback and climbed as far as the Lookout station on Mt. Baldy the first day. Camped there. Next day climbed to the top and came all the way down again."


By Stella May

"My maternal great-grandfather, Mynard Harris, was born in Wales. He was highly educated, speaking 21 languages fluently. He came over in the 1700s on the second boat to cross to America. Don't know where he landed, but eventually he reached Plymouth. Later he worked with the Indians, having charge of a Trading Post along the Ohio line.

While there he married an Indian princess. They were the parents of three sons, one of whom was my grandfather David Harris. Great-grandfather Harris lived to be 104, but was blind for several years."