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Social events in the community consisted of dances, basket socials, and ball games, with occasional horseback trips to Lake Quinault. Anna Carlton Robinson, of Hoquiam describes those trips:

"In the summer of 1899, my sister Ophelia "Connie" Carlton taught a three-months term of school at Quinault. She was lively and full of fun, and the young people liked her so well they begged her to stay. So she promised to come back and bring me. We lived then near the E. K. Wook Mill. So, in March 1900, Mr. Evans with his rowboat stopped for us on his way to New London. Then we rode horeseback part of the time to Humptulips.

There we joined Mabel Newhnam, Charles and Hilda Evans, Elda Robers, Chris Hansen, Fred Williams, and John Kirkpatrick. Clark Peeler was carrying the mail to Quinault. When we reached the Lake we had to take a rowboat up to the Parks place, about where the hotel now stands, as the trail was scarcely passable.

John Kirkpatrick rowed me across to Orte Higleys that night, and we danced there. Got back at 2:00 A.M. and were scolded by the others for disturbing their sleep. Next day, Clark Peeler took Connie (Ophelia) and me up the Quinault River by canoe to the Mohr-Milbourne place. We didn't do any camping on that trip. Just visited around.

In August of the same year, another group made the trip to climb Mount Baldy. In it were Harry Evans, Ben Newnham, Otis Robers, Anna Carlton, Ethel Knox, Roy Sargent, Jeanie Shaw, Hessie Crawford, Elda Roberts, and Clark Peeler. There were ten of us and five horses. Girls rode most of the time, and just for fun some of the boys would jump up behind. When Ben Newnham jumped up behind Elda Roberts on her big white horse, pulling her down with him. In the fall Elda hurt her hand quite badly. Clark Peeler, fearing something serious might happen, put a stop to such antics.

That night we camped at the Locke place. But in the night it began to rain, so we moved into an empty house. The next day the rain had ceased, and six of us decided to climb the mountain. However, Ethel Knox, Roy Sargent, Otis and Elda Roberts returned to Humptulips."