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Fred Patridge and his wife Lillie May came to Humptulips, Wash., from Odin, Ill., arriving March 12, 1901. At that time they had the following four children:

Edna Lavina Louise - born May 17, 1890
Fred Robinson (Robin) - born Jan. 30, 1894
Lucy Mima - born August 12, 1895
and Isaac Frank Bunn (Frank) - born February 3, 1899

Papa bought several acres of land across the Humptulips River from the town where we lived for a while. Then he bought a place on the town side and built a new house. We lived there during the remainder of our stay at Humptulips. There three more children were born to them:

Lillie Eva Meryle - born Oct. 14, 1901
Hilda estella - born Oct. 29, 1903
Ruth L. - born August 4, 1906, who died at birth and is buried at Humptulips.

In the fall of 1906, Father sold his property at Humptulips to Mr. and Mrs. Dunlap, and moved his family to Olympia where they lived until about 1914. Then he took up a homestead at the Burn - now called Neilton. While at Olympia, another child was born to them. Eugene Willard, born April 20, 1909.

Lucy Mima married Forrest Martin and they had two children. Thurston and Charles. Thurston died some years ago. Mima died May 30, 1925 in Aberdeen and is buried there.

Isaac Frank Bunn, known as Frank, has three children: Velma Laurence, Lillie Yvonne Martin, and Frank Miles Partridge.

Meryle married Clark Stowe, of New London, and they have two girls Loraine Lucyle Lindeman and Warren Clark Stowe.

Hilda Istella married Larry Lawrence. She has two girls: Mrs. Martha May McNair and Mrs. Virginia Ellery.

Eugene Willard has seven living children: Diane, Verla Beth, Lois and Patricia (I don't recall their birthdates), and Janey Mary - born Oct. 17, 1947, Teresa Louise - born Oct. 2, 1948, and Joseph Michael - born April 10, 1950.

Fred Robinson (Robin) Partridge was married to Lucy Merle Willahan, May 27, 1916, in Eureka, California. To this union the following children were born: Eleanor Yvonne, March 6, 1917 - now Mrs. Rayond Hazen; Charles Ronald, May 3, 1920; Marymay Kathryn, June 21, 1921 - now Mrs. Albert C. Gribos.

Edna Lavina Louise was married to Warren Yahr, of Hoquiam, at the Methodist Parsonage in Olympia, August 11, 1906. He passed away in 1915. On Feb. 1, 1919 Edna married Lester E. Thayer, who lived only a little over seven years. Following his death she married a Mr. Hastings.