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After logging for some years, Luther moved to Axford where he tried sheep raising. Unwittingly, he bought some eastern mountain sheep to add to his flock. The climate here did not agree with them, and they began to die. To get rid of the carcasses, Luther dumped them in the woods where bear devoured them. After a taste of mutton, the bears attacked his live sheep and killed them all.

Luther and Della now live at Humptulips. In 1956 about seventy relatives and friends helped them celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary at the N. T. Loomis home.

Luther recalls the following incident.

"On the old Wynoooches trail, or ox-team road that ran through the Polson (now Rayonier) Railroad Camp, there was a deep canyon with a foot-log across large enough for the pack horses to go over. It was always thought that anyone or anything that went into that canyon was lost.

So along about 1923, when a pack mule of the Government fell off that log, the packers went on with the rest of the outfit and made no effort to rescue the animal or her pack. They were astonished several days later when the mule came home with all her ropes chewed off. She was skinned up considerably but ready to go again."

The Bowery Celebration

On the fourth of July, 1896, Humptulips had a celebration that attracted about 500 settlers. They built a dance floor with green boughs for walls. There was a greased pig race for boys. There were contests for all ages, with a big picnic dinner at noon and a square dance in the evening.

Owing to the size of the crowd, the plates were put very close together. Herman Walkers' wife and Charley Sargent found themselves eating from the same piece of bread. When they both reached for it at the same time it caused considerable amusement.

Two boss loggers, Shields and Hackett attended.