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The Kirkpatrick Family

John L. Kirkpatrick was born Dec 13, 1851. Alice Orietta Baldridge was born at Stonington, Illinois, Sept. 19,1852. In 1878 they married and moved to Sandoval, Marion County, Illinois. John was employee of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Co. and later was conductor on the Illinois Central Railway.

Two sons were born to the Kirkpatricks; Luther Lee and John. In Janurary 1890, Kirkpatricks took Rebeka Beljonski, aged two years, to rear as their own child.

In 1895, the family left southern Illinois and moved to the 'far west' where they settled that same year on a forty acre tract of land on the Humptulips Prairie.

After twenty years of railroading, John Kirkpatrick turned to ranching and carpentry, constructing a number of the early homes and barns in the valley.

In 1926, the Kirkpatricks celebrated their golden wedding at the Humptulips school house. In 1930 they moved to Hoquiam, and in 1936 celebrated their diamond wedding at the home of Bertha Aldridge.

Their son John died at the age of nineteen. Luther married Edith Adelle Kneale, on Jan. 1, 1906, in the Hoquiam Baptist Church. Rebeka (renamed Salone) married Walter Henry Ellis on February 4, 1909.

Two children where born to Luther and Della. Robert Gayl married Dorothy Ellison. Their daugther, Susan Gayl arrived Feb. 19, 1942. Kathryn married Edward Brentlinger. There son John Edward was born March 19, 1944.

In May, 1928, Salone Ellis moved to New York City where she still resides. She is the author of two novels- "The Logger" and "The Last Wilderness" dealing with pioneer life around Humptulips and Quinault.

Luther Kirkpatrick was a natural cartoonist. He had both the ideas and the ability to draw them. A large newspaper sent for him. But as he was very young he didn't take the job too seriously.