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In January, 1890, the family arrived and we settled on a preemption in Section 20, Township 10. At the end of six months I proved up my right and rented the James Linday place adjacent to mine, for three years. The Humptulips River being very dangerous to cross during the winter, we moved on the other side so the children could attend school without risking their lives. Lived in the Angelo house during the winter of the deep snow, 1893. Mr. Boyd started work on the hotel which was our home for many years. It was finished in 1895.

Along with freighting supplies from New London, in 1891, I started to carry the mail and continued for thirteen years and eight months. Then I sold the remainder of my contract to Lyon and Irwin.

Meanwhile, in Michigan, Mr. Sanders and his eldest daughter had died leaving his widow with three children; Bertha, Arthur, and Alger. In 1892, she came to Humptulips and married Ed Wilson, my wife's brother. They lived on his claim above George Walker's. Bertha Sanders and Eugenia Walker were playmates.

Bertha graduated from Hoquiam High School in the class of 1899. There were five members: Bernice Boyd; Alma Delong, (sister of Chas DeLong of Quinault); Joe Smith, (Hoaquiam druggist); Bertha Sanders; and Estelle Gilbert of Hoquiam. The class has celebrated its fiftieth anniversary and is looking forward to its sixtieth, and all are still living.

Later, Wilsons moved to Hoquiam where they ran a boarding house, Mrs. Wilson being a good cook.

Our three oldest children were married to children of Pioneers. Charley married Miss Hilda Olson, daughter of a Quinault settler June 28, 1899. They had four children: Delbert, Homer, Esther, and Donald. Charley died in Hoquiam, May 10, 1934. Was buried on his 58th birthday.

On October 1, 1900, Bertha married Anton Hansen, a pioneer of Humptulips. Harry married Miss Minnie Olson, sister of Hilda, Dec. 24, 1903. To them were born Leonard, Mildred, Constance, Everett, Harold, and a baby boy. Harold, at the age of two and the baby only six weeks old, died the same day of pneumonia following flu. My wife, Esther Evans, died from diptheria on August 23, 1903.