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Edward Caylor & Laura Silvey

Edward Caylor was born in Defiance, Ohio, March 31, 1871. He came to Astoria, Oregon, in 1889. Worked in a sawmill. In 1890 he made a trip to Humptulips, but went on to Tacoma and worked in a sawmill there. In October, 1892, he returned to Humptulips and filed on an 80-acre homestead on the East fork of the river.

Gust Murhard, who had located Caylor on his claims was helping him cut a trail to his place. The first thing Caylor did was to cut the top of his head with a double-bitted axe. He just recovered from that when he cut his foot. Following both accidents he stayed at Murhards to recuperate. After he got settled, four or five miles above Murhards, he would come before breakfast on his way to town and Kate would pack him a lunch. When he returned he would stop for supper and stay over night.

Caylor followed logging for several years. In 1898 having proved up on his claim, he took a trip East to see his brothers and sister. Returning he lived for several years on the Cogdill place, adjoining the Murhards. In 1901, his sister, Mrs. Laura Silvey, and daugther Orpha joined him. In 1903, he bought the Chas. Sargent place and lived there until 1912. Sold to Cap Johnson.

In 1914 Ed Caylor bought Elmer Olson's acreage at Humptulips and engaged in the chicken business. Later in gardening. Once on the returning from a trip to town he found that cattle thieves had butchered his heifer calf in his own barn. He never found out who did it. In 1945, owing to ill health, Mr. Caylor sold out and moved to Cosmoplis where he established a home. He is the only settler that lived for fifty consecutive years in the vicinity of Humptulips.