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Franks says:

" More than a half century has lapsed. And as we look back down the range of years to the foothills of life, we glimpse the sunshine of the silent yesterday, which today in shadow lies.

The winding tortuous trail, the mud-sled, the ox-cart, the handmade furniture, and primitive methods employed by the rugged pioneers have been replaced by splendid highways and modern modes of travel, modern homes, better educational facilities and entertainment."

"Brave thus the sturdy pioneers began by honest toil
To rest on independence from the Forest's
virgin soil.
And now in modern spacious homes with other
blessings sent,
They spend the winter of their lives in comfort
and content."

Bud Loomis relates a trick he playes on Frank:

"Frank Roberts used to go with Bertha Evans. Every Saturday night and every Thursday night he'd set her,' They'd go into the parlor of the hotel and lock the door.

Frank had a horse and a mule. It snowed and he had spent two or three days making a cutter, or sled. Saturday night he drove up to the front gate, tied the old gray horse and the mule, and went inside to get her for a sleighride.

From a distance we saw him go in. I tried to get someone to go down and take the team away. Nobody would. So i said, "You take care of the store and I will."

I went to the back door of the hotel and said to a girl who was washing dishes. "Come on and go for a sleigh ride." She was all for it. "Come just as you are", I said. I slipped her around the house and we got into the sleigh and away we went, down toward Cap Johnson's.

Frank came out and chased us. He thought he could out run the mule. I stood up and licked that mule and we went up over the hill and then over another. Frank got within fifty feet of us, but the mule could keep it up longer than he could so we outran him.

When he stopped and dropped back, I stopped too. He started to come up, so I waited for him. He was all out of breath and panting. There was bad blood between him and Cap. Johnson at the time. As soon as Frank could talk he said, "Oh, it's you Bud. I thought it was Cap Johnson go ahead and have a ride." But, I had had my fun, so I said, "You get in and I'll take you back to the hotel."