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The Thomas Roberts Family

by Frank & Otis

Franks says:

"My parents, Thomas and Elizabeth Roberts, began their married career in the northwestern corner of Missouri, in a log house built by father immediately after the close of the Civil War. It was located in a frontier community on the rolling hills of the praries broken by wooded streams.

There were born at this place six children. I was the fourth born in 1872. Many other calamities occurred the same year. Then Ottis arrived in 1875 and Elda in 1884. An older sister came west with her family in 1905, two other sisters having passed away in childhood.

Father was never quite content with our location and I, myself, began in early youth to dream of the Golden West. I have never overcome the desire to know what lies around the bend in the road, or beyond the brow of a hill. So when our neighbors, the Morris Family, including Oliver, now of Hoquiam, decided to emigrate to Washington, our family, at my insistence, decided to join them.

Father, Mother, Frank, Otis, and Elda left Nodaway County, Missouri on the 16th of March 1891. The trip by emigrant train north to St. Paul, thence west over the Northern Pacific was uneventful, but for myself it was a romantic adventure, void of any dull moments. We arrived in Tacoma on March 30, 1891, stopped a few days with friends then came to Hoaquim where we lived for a month on I street, near 6th.

Late in April we moved to Humptulips."