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In 1934 Jim Newbury wrote:

"Lathrops came to Humptulips with my father, P. M. Newbury. They had three sons and settled near where Fred Brittian now is. In 1892, they returned to Michigan. Myron, the eldest son was wounded in the Spanish-American war, but was still living when I went to Michigan in 1907.

Davis and Best built a hotel. Frank Pelise had it for a time. Then Thos Roberts. Roberts offered it for sale for $1,000.00. In 1895 or 1896, my brother Miles bought it, trading his claim on the river where we had lived two years. We moved to Hoquiam in 1910, to Orting in 1913. Mother died in 1918 or 1919. Miles died in 1920. His wife Millie died about two weeks later.

I poled many loads of freight up the river for Kluck & Davidson, who built the store that is now owned by Loomis. In October 1891, I helped shingle it. Shot at some geese on the roof while shingling.

John McCamat, Jerry Walker, and I spilt the puncheon on the road from Humptulips to Axford in Sept. and Oct. 1892, when the road was bulit. The last week in Janurary 1893, was very cold and it snowed two feet. The night of Feburary 2, it snowed three feet - the most snow I ever saw there in so short a time.

I remember coming down the river to Humptulips one time, I stopped at Baumgardeners to ask if they wanted anything. Mrs Baumgardener said I could bring her a chicken if I could buy one. She went to a drawer to get money, and her husband smacked her and put the money back. The poor woman was sick then and died a short time later.

I went to Alaska in May 1906, came back October 1907, went back April 1908, and returned November 1908. I prospected and bought furs while there.

First logged on Big Creek in September 1895. Continued through '96 '97 and '98. At Humptulips, in 1899, on the Lindsey place and Mrs. Allmans. Logged on School section in 1900; Mouth of Big Creek in 1905; and Murhard place in 1909-1910.

Once when Roberts had the hotel, Scotty McQueen, came into the store. Roberts said, he had a sick cow and wanted Scotty to go look at her. "I think she has the hollow-horn," he said. I went with them to the barn. Scotty looked at her, then looked around the barn but couldn't see any hay. When Roberts asked what he thought was the matter, he said, "To tell the truth I think she has the hollow guts."

Scotty McQueen had a claim below Humptulips on the river. He took sick and died very suddenly, probably appendeitis. At that time, they didn't know what to do for it."