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Jim Newbury says of that trip:

"Albert Hess and I got the canoe up to the jam of the driftwood at night and piled the goods on the drift, as we were heavily loaded. Then we went back and camped with the family. But it rained hard all night and the river got so high we couldn't go after the stuff. So the drift with the goods on it, washed out, into the bay. Damon, at the point picked up some of it."

Julia continues:

"Among the articles lost on the jam were our clothing, bedding, and sewing machine. It was a severe loss as winter was coming on. But we landed safely at Humptulips and took a preemption claim to section 21 Township 9.

Later we moved into Humptulips. Father and Miles split the shakes to bulid a blacksmith shop. We lived in it that winter so the kids could go to school. The second winter a baby boy, Raymond Edward, was born to my mother but lived only two months.

I, Julia, worked for Mrs. Best at the store and hotel for three months. Got a cow for my pay and gave it to my folks. I next worked for Mrs. Lindsey. Paid $12.00 for twelve chickens and also bought a young heifer for my folks. Later came to Hoquiam and cooked in the Gamage Hotel. Met Frank Noble and married him in 1895. Five children were born to us. Two sons died.

Miles bought the motel from Tom Roberts and gave it to our parents. They ran it for a while, then rented it to Loseys and moved to Hoquiam. Later moved to Orting so father could be close to the Spliters home. Mother died in 1919, and was buried at Orting. A year later father married Mrs. Julia Losey, widow of Louis Losey. She lived only a short time. Then he married an old solider's widow who survived him."