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Fifth, Miles Philo was born in 1875. He married Mrs Jim Lindsey's sister Willa. They were the parents of five children. In spite of his outdoor activities, falling timber, Miles contracted tuberculosis and died. His widow Millie after collecting his life insurance money started to California. In Portland she lost the money, and while was frantically searching for it she was struck by an auto. She died three hours later leaving their children orphans.

Sixth, George Arthur Newberry, was born in 1879. Married Georgie Powell, a pioneer teacher at Humptulips. They have a son Arthur.

Seventh, Herbert Angavine, born Oct. 21, 1884, married Maud Groseclose, daugther of a later Humptulips family. They had four boys.

Eighth, Walter Earl, born Jan. 9, 1889. He married a Wave and lives at Broadbent, Oregon. They have two girls. Walter left the harbor in 1910, went to Valporasio, Indiana and took accounting.

Julia says:

"The Lathrop family that lived five miles from us in Michigan had already located at the mouth of Humptulips. They wrote us about the Grey Harbor country, urging me to come. So in 1890, owing to crop failure and loss of our home, Father came west and decided to settle in Humptulips.

The first of May, Miles and Jim joined him, the rest of the family followed by train to Montesano in 1891, then by boat to Hoaquim. We stayed overnight at the "Veranda" owned by O.G. Chase. (Later operated for a short time by Kate and Gust Murhard.)

The next day, we loaded our goods into a sailboat run by Duck Schnieder - (Jim says it was captain Hank's sailboat). At the mouth of the Humptulips we transferred our household goods to canoes. One was paddled by my brother Jim and Myron Lathrop. The other by John and Albert Hess. A log jam had formed in the river. Taking the children, we walked around the jam, while the boys moved the canoes over the logs."