Coastie Head Lookout - Cabin

The Coastie Head Lookout Cabin is believed to have been constructed in 1942 as part of the U.S. Coast Guard Northwest Sea Frontier Coastal Lookout System, though there is no reference in Coast Guard records of any structure at this site. Some references even suggest the building was in existence prior to the war, but then used for a lookout cabin. 1

It is often confused with the known Starbuck Lookout cabin that was located a mile north of Coastie Head. The Starbuck lookout was destroyed when the promontory on which it was built collapsed.

Coastie Head Lookout
Figure No. 1: Coastie Head Lookout

The cabin is a simple rectangle measuring about 8'x 10' with a 4' porch off its west elevation. It is 1-story, built of wood-frame construction, and set on a post and pier foundation. The gable roof is sheathed with a combination of wood shakes and roofing paper over boards. A shed roof porch is also covered with roofing paper over boards and is supported by milled 2 x 4s. The main elevation has an off-center wooden door made of horizontal boards with bracing and a window opening. There are two window openings (no sash) with simple wood trim. Other windows appear to have been closed off with the addition of boards, at least on the rear elevation.

As late as 2002, volunteers have made basic repairs to the cabin. There is no recent assessment of the condition, but given location fundamental stabilization measures will be required on a periodic basis to preserve a sound envelope and frame.

Note: Coastie Head Lookout collapsed in 2007.

1   See Coastie Head Lookout Cabin National Register form Section 8 & 9, page 3.

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