Olympic National Park

Frederick L. Walters
Historical Architect


National Park Service
Department of the Interior
Cultural Resources Division
Recreation Resources and Professional Services
Pacific Northwest Region
Seattle, Washington


This Web Site is the product of work done by Rod F. and Elder Bob.

Rod did all the legwork from Sequim, WA and was able to get the original MS Word format document from the National Park Service. However, that document had images in a MAC format and could not be retrieved by Rod or Bob. Rod was then able to get a PDF copy of the document and was able to get the missing images from it. It was his idea to create this Web Site. Bob (Elder Bob) then did all the programming from Phoenix, AZ to create the site. Many discussions went on by e-mail between Rod and Bob on the format of the pages. You are now looking at the final product. It will be "tweaked" from time to time by Bob. Rod may have more ideas about its format. Double click on the photos to see a larger version (when available). Click on the link to the Table of Contents and enjoy it.