Hoh River Trail

General Location: 20 miles southwest of Forks, WA.

Trailhead: Hoh trailhead

Notices: Groups of more than 6 are required to camp in designated "Group Camps". Stock parties are required to camp in designated "Stock Sites".

Contact the WIC for information about trailhead shuttles. (360) 565-3100


Ecosystem type: Subalpine meadow, subalpine meadow basin, montane forest
Trail tread types: Well-maintained
General elevation trend: Flat to steep - The trail is generally flat for the first 13 miles then becomes steep to Glacier Meadows.
River crossings: None - there are a few small stream crossings.
Unique features: Temperate rain forest, opportunites to view wildlife, views of Mt. Olympus and Blue Glacier from the end of the trail.
Level of difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Distance: 17 miles to Glacier Meadows
Elevation change: 600 ft. to 4,300 ft.
Best Season: Late June through September

Trail Conditions
Hoh River Trail
Hoh Lake Trail
High Divide Trail


Permits/Reservations: Obtain permits by phone at the WIC in Port Angeles or in person at the Hoh Visitor Center. Reservations should be made for parties of 7 or more persons and for groups with stock animals. All other sites are first come, first served. Reservations may be made by calling the WIC.
Food Storage Method: Community bear wires are available at Tom Creek, Happy Four, 5-mile Island, Olympus Guard Station, Lewis Meadow, Elk Lake and Glacier Meadows.
Location and sites: Gravel bars on the Hoh River make good low impact campsites. Otherwise, camp in preexisting sites: Tom Creek (3 individual sites, 1 group site), Five Mile Island (3 individual sites, 2 group sites, 1 stock site), Happy Four (2 individual sites), Olympus Guard Station (7 individual sites, 2 group sites), Lewis Meadow (2 individual sites, 1group site, 1 stock site), Elk Lake (7 individual sites, 1 group site, 1 stock site .5 mi. below lake), Glacier Meadows (11 individual sites, 1 group site).
Toilet Facilities: Pit toilets at Olympus Guard Station, Elk Lake, Glacier Meadows, use blue bags on Mt. Olympus
Water Source: Hoh River and various side streams - Always boil, filter or chemically treat your drinking water to prevent getting Giardia.
Stock: Camp only in designated stock sites. No camping above Martin Creek.

Special Concerns

Leave No Trace: Leave No Trace of your stay to protect vegetation and prevent further camping regulations.
Camp in designated sites only. Please camp lightly to protect vegetation.

Fires: No campfires above Martin Creek to protect sensitive vegetation.

Respect Wildlife: To protect bears and other wildlife, all food, garbage and scented items must be secured from all wildlife 24 hours a day.
Safety: In early season several steep snow slopes exist along this trail. An ice axe may be required for much of the spring and early summer. It may also be difficult to follow sections of trail due to snow. Map and compass skills may also be required during much of the spring and summer.

During Winter months, travel above Elk Lake is not recommended due to steep avalanche chutes. Ropes and anchors may be necessary to cross these safety.

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