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One Day Walking Trails

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Whether you're a casual day hiker, backpacker, ice climber, or determined mountaineer headed for the summit, there's a trail for you at Olympic.

Walk a hushed trail through the dense, green rain forest or follow a path along a coastal bluff that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Whatever your choice, hiking in Olympic National Park can be a wondrous experience. Nearly 600 miles of short- and long-distance trails await hikers.

When hiking on the coast, use overland trails wherever possible. Bring a tide timetable and watch when hiking along beaches. Hike around headlands between beaches only when the tide is going out to avoid being trapped against the headland cliffs when the tide comes in. A number of headlands are impassable even at low tide. Check at ranger stations for special information. Click Staying Safe, just in case. See Nature Trails below for nature trail descriptions, and, for a list and descriptions of some more substantial hiking trails, click here.

Self-Guided Nature Trails
Discover the secrets of Olympic National Park on self-guided trails, many of which have narrative guides and interpretive signs to help you (lengths are round trip).

Trail Location Miles (r/t) Description
Hurricane Hill Trail Hurricane Ridge 3 miles The trail follows Hurricane Hill, introducing the park's subalpine zone.

Hall of Mosses Trail Hoh Rain Forest .75 mile This popular trail offers an introduction to the ecology and varied plants of the rain forest.

Spruce Trail Hoh Rain Forest 1.25 miles A slightly longer excursion into the rain forest, the Spruce Trail describes the development of a forest.

Ancient Groves Trail Sol Duc 1 mile A short loop walk among the towering trees of the Olympic Peninsula.

Staircase Rapids Trail Staircase 2 miles A guided nature discovery of the lush lowland forest loops along the Skokomish River.

Marymere Falls Trail Lake Crescent 1.5 miles A hike through the forest to the spectacular 90-foot falls.

Moments in Time Nature Trail Lake Crescent .5 mile A wheelchair-accessible hike through old-growth forests and meadows around the tip of Barnes Point.

Spruce Railroad Trail Lake Crescent 8 miles A level hike along the beautiful north shore of Lake Crescent.

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