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Appleton Pass-Cat Creek Way-High Divide Loop

Park: Olympic National Park

44.6 km loop.
Elevations (in meters)
Start: 610 End: 610
Minimum: 610 Maximum: 1667
Net Gain: 1057 Cumulative Gain: 1057

Solduc Trailhead: ( 79 km from Saanich Hall, ferry required). Drive south on Blanshard St for 4.9km to Belleville St. Follow this for about 1km to the ferry terminal. Drive west from Port Angeles on WA#101 to Soleduck River Road (just past the end of Crescent Lake, 45.9 km west of Port Angeles). Turn left onto Soleduck River Road and drive 22.2 km to the end of the road (if backpacking, stop at the ranger"s station, 19.6 km down the road to pick up a back country permit. This is especially important if you are planning on staying in the 7 Lakes Basin).

Facilities available at the trailhead include:


Backpack Moderate to strenuous (backcountry permit required). 4 days for the loop. Best from early July thru late September.


This trail features flowers, forests, lakes, meadows, mountains, rivers, views and waterfalls.



This loop utilizes segments of the following trails (listed in order assuming route is done east to west):

- Soleduck Trail

- Appleton Pass Trail

- Cat Creek Way Trail

- Bogachiel Trail

- Canyon Creek Trail

- Soleduck Trail (again)

Descriptions of each of these segments can be found in "Olympic Mountains Trail Guide" by Robert Wood (a superb source book for the trails in Olympic National Park).

If you are planning on camping in the Seven Lakes Basin you must reserve a spot when you pick up your back country permit (from the Ranger Station on the Soleduck Road), there is no self registration at the trailhead.

Campsites along the trail

Sol Duc 0.0 km 512 meters
  • Fire boxes
  • Garbage facilities
  • Ranger station
  • Tables
  • Flush and pit toilet
Water is plentiful quality is excellent.
No water in winter.
Solduc River 1-4 2.0 km  
  • Pit toilet
Water is unknown.
  4 separate sites at various locations between Solduc Falls and Appleton Junction
Appleton Junction 9.2 km  
  • Pit toilet
Water is unknown.
Appleton Pass 13.3 km 1540 meters   Water is plentiful quality is good.
Take water from a creek to the west of the lake.
Cat Creek Basin Approx 20.0 km 1300 meters
  • Stock camp
Water is seasonal quality is fair.
Seven Lakes Basin Approx 35.0 km 1340 meters
  • Bear cache/wire
  • Ranger station
  • Swimming
  • Tent pads
  • Pit toilet
Water is plentiful quality is fair.


Can be a problem on a few stretches of the route, notably the Cat Creek Way Trail (only reliable source is a small brook just before Spread Eagle Pass) and on the High Divide (sources are Heart Lake and Seven Lakes Basin).


No trail condition reports for this trail.

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