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Cedar Lake Way Trail

Hike Name: Cedar Lake Way Trail
Location: Northeast WA
Length: 13
Submitted by: Jeff Anderson
Date Submitted: 0/0/00
Rating: 4 stars out of 5
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This is a fairly rigorous,rugged hike.You start out at Deer Park ranger station elev.5400ft.,you descend 3300ft. in 4.5mi. to 3 Forks shelter elev.2100ft. going from subalpine to lowland forest.then hike 5.4mi to the Falls shelter elev.4000ft.The trail follows the rugged upper Greywolf river and hasn't been maintained for some time there's lots of downed trees to climb over and the river must be crossed twice on footlogs.One has occasional views of The Needles and the Greywolf range.At the Falls shelter stay the night and pick up Cedar Lake Way Trail in the meadow behind the shelter.The trail ascends through subalpine forests and meadows to Cedar Lake elev.5250ft.The lake covers 21 acres and lies in a glacial bowl surrounded by peaks and ridges up to 7000ft. high. Marmots and other wildlife abound.Very beautiful! Well worth the effort to get there.I recomend going in mid to late summer because of elevation.

Directions to Hike
5 miles east of Port Angeles on Hwy 101 follow Deer Park Rd. 18 miles to ranger station

Contact Information
Olympic National Park 360-452-0330

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